German regulator takes action over radio interference

The DARC reports that in 2017, the Federal Network Agency BNetzA withdrew about 460,000 products on the Internet, which could cause radio interference or electromagnetic incompatibility 

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"The trend of recent years has it that many unsafe products reach the German market via the Internet. Many of these products come from the Far East. We also end offers of unsafe products even where the dealers do not cooperate with us, "explains Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency.

He adds: "Our market surveillance is a contribution to consumer protection, which also has a preventive effect." In 2017, the Federal Network Agency ended 665 offers of unsafe products that could cause radio interference or electromagnetic incompatibility. A total of around 460,000 products were affected. The trend from the past few years suggests that there are many unsafe products on the Internet. 

In 2016 537 offers were closed. The number of affected products was then higher, as among other things 744 000 FM transmitters were blocked. Among the approximately 460,000 products were 388,000 wireless headphones, which use security-relevant police radio frequencies and therefore may not be operated in Germany. The Federal Network Agency is also increasingly conducting anonymous test purchases to test products that are not voluntarily made available. In this context, 52 products were reviewed. All of these products had abnormalities and distribution on the respective platforms was therefore suspended. This involved a total of 14,700 devices, e.g. Drones, smart home or LED products.

More and more products are ordered by consumers online directly from third countries. That is why the Federal Network Agency works intensively with Customs. In 2017, customs reported more than 16,000 suspicious shipments to the Federal Network Agency. These reports totaled around 240,000 products. In 86% of the reports, no release of the products was granted for the European market. 

The proportion of eye-catching products thus remains at a consistently high level. In 2016, more than 10 000 suspicious consignments were reported by the customs authorities, covering a total of around 270 000 products. In 2017, the Federal Network Agency reviewed about 3,000 products in the German retail sector. Of these, about 1000 were also metrologically tested in the laboratory. Overall, some 800 regulatory measures were taken.

Further information on the market surveillance of the Federal Network Agency can be found at

In addition, consumers can find out about specific products on the European Market Surveillance information and communication system

The Federal Network Agency shows products that have been withdrawn from circulation in a traveling exhibition. Current dates are published at



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